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Welcome to the Body of Christ

The faithmix team rejoices with the angels in heaven that God has drawn you unto Himself and that you have given your life to Jesus Christ. From the moment you meet Jesus and He becomes your Lord and Savior you cross over from death to life, from the power of Satan and this world unto God (Act 26:18). You are spiritually delivered out of this world and born again into a Heavenly Father. You are a child of the Creator, the King of kings. You belong to God (big "G") and nothing can take you out of His hand or separate you from His love (Rom 8:38-39). You have been rescued, you are saved!

You are a child of God when you have been born of Spirit (Joh 3:3). It is to your benefit to take some positive steps towards strengthening and feeding your spirit. You will need the strength for the journey you must travel with Jesus. Just as your natural body lives on and is strengthened by physical food, your spirit is feeds on and is strengthened by spiritual food (Luk 4:4). Take responsibility to deliberately feed your spirit so that you will have the nourishment necessary to grow up strong and spiritually mature. Some things that we recommend:

Prayer is simply communicating with God. Start with 15 minutes each day (we recommend at you start of your day this way) and just spend some time talking with your Heavenly Father. You can also use guidelines such as "The Lord's Prayer" as an aid (Mat 6:9-13). Let prayer come from your own heart and just seek to connect with God. Connecting with God is what matters, more than the words you would say. Make a state of prayer and continued connection with God part of your life (1 Th 5:17), that way you will always be in a place where you can hear God's voice, receive what He is saying to you, and act on His instruction. There are several audios posted at that may be useful to you in developing your prayer life (e.g. On Prayer).

Reading the Bible
Reading and thinking about the scriptures daily will be a source of incredible strength to your spirit (Ps. 1:2-3). Reading the Bible is a great way to begin your day along with prayer. Pray before you start and just ask God to speak to you from the scriptures. We recommend starting in the book of John. Read as much as you can handle, for a start try reading a chapter a day. (If you do not have a Bible you can get a free electronic version by clicking here. The main thing is to become consistent in reading and ask God to help you apply what He shows you in the Word to the life you live. Make reading the Bible and Prayer a deliberate part of your day. If you usually get up at 7 a.m. to start your day try setting your alarm for 6:40 a.m. and ask God to help you wake up. Spend the first 20 minutes of your day reading the Word and in prayer. Do this for a week and see how you feel!

The Empowering of the Holy Spirit
It is the empowering of the Holy Spirit that gives us the power to be a witness; the power to turn away from sin when we set our will to do so; the ability to follow Jesus on the path of life (Acts 1:8). God gladly and willingly gives His Holy Spirit to all who ask Him with simple trust and expectation (Luk 11:13). God's Spirit comes alive in you when you meet Jesus. However, the empowering of the Holy Spirit is something different (sometimes known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit). It is like the breaking of a dam inside of you, from which the power of God now flows through your being and out of your life into the world around you (Joh 7:38). Ask God in prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit; seek Him for this with expectation according to His Word (Luk 11:13).

This is something that the God will lead you to do from time to time. Essentially it involves going without something in relationship to the physical body (not only in relationship to food) so that you can focus on and pursue things of Spirit. Your focus in fasting is to strengthening your connection with God and set yourself aside unto Him for the purpose He is drawing you into a fast for. When you fast you do it as led by God, do it unto Him (Mat 6:16-18); fasting is between you and God and not other people.

Spending Time with God's True People
In early days of the Body of Christ God's true people met in homes (Acts 2:46, 8:3), market places, temples, wherever they had the opportunity to meet. Scripturally, the "Church" is simply God's people that are spiritually built on bedrock true belief foundation and confession in who Jesus is (Mat 16:15-18). Any time these people meet together, even if it is just two people, God is right there with them (Mat 18:20). These meetings strengthen and sharpen God's people (Prov 27:17). If you don't know any true followers of Christ, ask God in prayer to bring some people into your life that know Him and are also on the path with Jesus. God loves to give gifts unto His people (Eph 4:8) including quality relationship that go on throughout eternity.

Turn Away from Sin
Jesus forgives us of sin (Mat 9:2) and of every mistake we have ever made. There may be some natural consequences for things you have done, but in the dimension of spirit your slate has been wiped clean. Jesus instructs those He forgives to sin no more (Joh 8:11). Willful sin hinders your ability to connect with God and also makes it difficult for you to hear His voice (Isa 59:2). When He shows you something in your life that He says is bad for you, set your heart and mind to turn away from those things and ask God to strengthen you by His Spirit to do so. Sin has a way of killing us physically and spiritually (Rom 6:23), to turn away from sin will do a lot to strengthen your spirit on your journey with Christ.

Walk in Forgiveness
Jesus has forgiven us, we must deliberately choose to forgive those who have sinned against us as well (Mat 6:14). Choosing to hold onto unforgiveness makes the way for bitterness to grow in our lives and creates a place for the enemy of your soul, the devil, to access your life (Eph 4:27). You allow for torturing spirits to torment your life. Make up your mind and set your will to do what God commands and forgive everyone that has ever hurt you. After you have set your will to do this, then ask God by the power of His Holy Spirit to empower you to truly forgive those who have sinned against you. Ask Him to enable you to forgive others and for Him to heal your heart; continue to seek Him in this area until this work is complete in your heart and mind. Choose to live free (Joh 8:36).

These are just some things that we know will help you as you begin your walk with Jesus. Jesus is the Way out of the illusion (Joh 14:6); he is the Way out of the prison of this world system. You have begun a journey with Christ; He will lead you out of the minefield of this life as you follow the leading of His voice (Joh 10:4). He will never leave you; He will always be with you (Mat 28:20). You can trust Him!

The faithmix team has put together some material on this site that should be helpful to you for your spiritual growth and development. All of the audios in the "Just Met Jesus" section were selected because we felt that they are good things for you to know starting out (Rom 10:17). Just start from the top of the page and work your way down. Listen to what you can when you have the time. You can also download the audios and put them on an Mp3 player. Everything on faithmix is freely given (Mat 10:8); we pray that it is a blessing to you. We love you! God bless you!

In Christ,

The faithmix team


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