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Read first - Welcome to the Body of Christ
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Z: How to die The Truth About Tithing
Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
ZR34: Rhema  The Zeph Report ZR34: Rhema
ZR177: Unhappy Get Happy 2010  The Zeph Report ZR177: Unhappy Get Happy 2010

Guest appearance on (May 28,2007) The Truth About Tithing
Z: The Mother of All Harlots The Zeph Daniel Version
Guest Appearance On The Zeph Report (February 26, 2011)
A Spiritual Kingdom   click here to open A Spiritual Kingdom

The New Covenant in Christ (5)

Z: Beyond Babylon Beyond Babylon
Z: Church or God Church or God
Z: Breaking You Breaking You

The World (5)

Perfecting of the Saints (3)

Keep it Simple (6)


"..choose you this day whom ye will serve;" (Jos 24:15)