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Warfare Prayer

Pray for the faithmix team as they assemble the site and continue to minister in the areas of the world that Father currently has each of them. Pray for their continued protection, and that the full empowering of the Holy Spirit would flow through them to destroy the works of the devil in every life that they encounter.

The following is some material that was shared with us by friends who minister in South America from some resources that they felt are helpful. Again, remember that it is your connection with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ (not perfect words you may say) that makes the difference and breaks every yoke of the enemy.

Daily Warfare Prayer download PDF
Evening Warfare Prayer download PDF
Waring over Your Godly Prophecy, Return Seven Fold, and Health Prayers download PDF
Open Door List download PDF
Proclamations (post Open Door List) download PDF
Counseling Outline download PDF

NOTE: Willful sin hinders your ability to hear the voice of God (Isa 59:2). Repent and turn from it by the power of the Holy Spirit; the Father will help you.

Spiritual Warfare


"..choose you this day whom ye will serve;" (Jos 24:15)